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4.3 out of 5 (based on 38 ratings)
War Elephant

War Elephant - Enjoy having fun conquiring enemys at the Comfort of your Home !

War elephant is a war game where you have to face off your worst enemies and skilled warriors. Fight over them, lead your army to the victory and complete the ultimate quest of finding the legendary axe. Control this big animals to sprerad over fear and fight on their side to victory! Just like in old ancient times! No elephants were hurt during this game.

Controls of the Game

Use arrow keys to move elephants. Click on the directional arow buttons and get the same result.

To summon your squads you have to press the viking or archer buttons.

To fire arrows you have to press the many arrow buttons on the left.

Press the elephant button to make him charge into enemies.

Tips and Tricks to Play War Elephant

You can upgrade your units.

You can call for reinforcments anytime during the battle.

Buy your way to the top.

Your warrior elephant must survive in order to win the game.

Defeating enemy castles will lead you to the next level.

Use charge to save time.

There is a god mode cheat version of the game.

You can finish the whole game with just charging.

game review

War Elephant could have been fun, it's a bit repetitive and not difficult enough. It was fun playing with animals though, as were persians and indians fighting. Now I play this game to kill time, it's a strategy but also a fantasy game and I like fantasy game. I reccommend you go ahead and try playing in case you also love adventure/fantasy/war games. Hve fun and enjoy this adventure! The graphics are decent and so is the soundtrack. I liked storyline text the most.