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4 out of 5 (based on 68 ratings)
Legend Of The Void 2

Legend Of The Void 2 - Enjoy having fun fighting at the Comfort of your Home !

Legend of the Void 2 is an incredible online adventure game that has been rated for one of the best online games there are. After you are awaken in the city chambers of The Black Gate, you find an ancient magic book and have to travel the Calderia to fight the invaders and demons of The Void.

Controls of the Game

The mouse and Move: or arrow keys can be used for moving around.

Clicking R makes you run faster.

You have a reset stuck character option in the main menu if you ever get stuck in game.

There are hotkeys shown on mouseover.

Tips and Tricks to Play Legend Of The Void 2

As you level up, you can upgrade your attributes to buy spells and skills.

Press CTRL + F to find things easier.

Once that you get to the lost gate way ruins head south, then solve the puzzleso you can enter the cave. After that solve the puzzle again and enter the portal to the void you'll see a guy seling items there.

There's a hidden shop in the lost gate way ruins.

You can change your tome in the skills screen at any time. You have to click the skills icon on the left side of the screen, and then in the upper right corner there is an icon for the tomes.

You cannot get the "Professional Adventurer" Achievement because it requires you to complete all quests, but the "Eternal Forest" quest is uncompletable. It says so right in the game that it cannot be completed.

Don't spend a bunch of money buying equipment your class can't use.

There is also a wolf selling equipment in the sea north of thornwick just bellow the cult emerald.

There are a lot of hidden places inside the ancient tomes.

game review

Legend Of The Void 2 is a great game, with some well developed story, decent graphics, challenging adversaries and definitely addictive gameplay.Legend of the Void 2 has pretty good combat functions, nice music and surprisingly - THE BOSSES so it really has an atmosphere. I liked it very much but find it difficult to get to the third character.