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Jacksmith - Enjoy having fun as Blacksmith at the Comfort of your Home !

Jacksmith is a fun adventure game where you have to craft your own weapons for the warriors. You take a quest that encourages you to fight all kinds of monsters. Now you have to design swords, shields and bows like a real blacksmith!Take all the orders and make your customers happy.

Controls of the Game

It's a mouse based game. You use it to do all kinds of crafts, to choose , hammer, build wapons and battle the dangerous monsters. Got to the in-game tutorial if you need any more help.

Tips and Tricks to Play Jacksmith

There are three awards in the game:

1) The swordsmith award is won when you craft 10 swords

2) The loot collector award is given to you when you pick up 50 weapon items dropped by enemies

3) The desert trek award is won by travelling to boneyard dunes

The better quality are the ores you have better attack power and durability.

Shields take the most amount of ores while bows take least.

The pump helps speed the melting process.

Cooper melts fastest.

Take your time to craft the swords and bows as they need to be hammered multiple times and bows need to be stretched.

When painting shields do it really fast.

You can build your own epic weapons to battle the monsters more efficiently.

Practice makes perfect!

When you building a handle in swords, It must be placed in center. If you put it off-centered, you will lose points!

When building a handle in axes, pikes and maces, It muse be placed in center. If you put it off-centered, as it bended, you lose points!

game review

Jacksmith is a blacksmith simulator/adventure kind of game that takes a lot of patience and perfection to become a good craftsman. It's a really fun and interesting game. I love adventure games so I really enjoyed this one's storyline. I would reccommend it to anyone who likes crafting weapons and shields, and anyone who likes adventures and battling monsters! It is not an easy game, you have to think and combine carefully.